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Zwischen.Zeilen ist ein interdisziplinäres Kunstprojekt. Es führt Malerei, Musik, Video und Tanz zusammen, lässt sie nebeneinander und miteinander performen und schafft damit Interaktionen zwischen Ton, Bild und Bewegung. Fünf Kunstschaffende aus der Schweiz und Deutschland begegnen sich dabei performend vor Publikum und nehmen dieses mit auf eine Reise durch ihren Jahreskreislauf.

Philipp Bäni - Musik / Markus Räber - Video / Laura Durban - Video Severine Christen - Malerei / Gioia Egloff - Tanz

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being older now

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The multisided Swiss Singer-Songwriter older now has started in 2012 with a homemade-record and has been playing a number of gigs all over the country.


As a first big musical step older now released the EP LOOP-FOLK (2015). On this record the musician has created four impressive tracks based on loops and full of acoustic instruments and vocals.


LOOP-FOLK takes us to a world of interweaved clusters of sound combined with the directness and pureness of older now`s voice.


Now the musical journey goes on. Together with four female singers Older Now has written a unique piece of sound – DUET-FOLK (2016). Eight songs somewhere between harmony and dialogue, intensity and fragility, between duet and folk.

In winter 2017 a new project named Hakk feels Older Now was formed by Older Now and the musician and songwriter Hakk. As a Band on tour they had a fue gigs (in Germany, France and Switzerland) and some video-recordings in Hamburg.

Hakk feels Older Now sing in German and English and they exist in different formations. Based on the duo of the two songwriters they share their sounds with other musicians.

In 2018 and 2019 Older Now works together with four artist coming from different kind of arts . This interdisciplinary masterpiece is named Zwischen.Zeilen and the first shows are taking place in january 2019.


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